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 JR has a good point. If you make your harmonica sound like an organ, that's a sound. If you play it harmonicky, that's a cute sound. If you study how an organ is played and adapt your harmonica playing to mimic how organ lines are played by an organist, now you are onto something.



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fjm writes:?

"Jason Ricci in one of his online effects demos plays pretty much like a pipe organ."?

No, not really close at all, assuming we're thinking about the same video.  It's an impressive effect and one he uses well, but not really much like an organ frankly.?

"What is so extraordinary about this is not the effect, it's how he uses the effect."?

I think that pretty much goes for all effects, as well as amps and the like.  When people just plug into an effect it is rarely very interesting--usually more harmonica plus this added thing.  It's when people (like Jason, Richard and Chris) take the time to actually learn to play the effect itself that it becomes something special.?


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