Re: [Harp-L] SF Princeton

Jim Rossen writes:

I had a stock BF Princeton (non-reverb) a long time ago, at a time
that I was ignorant about amps. This amp was lifeless and unlike a BF/
SF Champ. Easily done mods are reported to improve Princetons

Mod if you like or feel you must, but my stock (actually what I'd call "blueprinted" by an expert amp tech) non-reverb SF Princeton absolutely ROCKS! I love it with my Shure 545S. It has such great tone that sometimes I think it's gonna up and levitate itself up into the rafters. (It doesn't weigh a ton either, which makes it /possible /for this middle-aged lady harper with a bad back to haul it around.)

Having a master amp tech restore it to pure stock condition made an incredible difference compared to the shape I bought it in off EBay. He replaced the electrical components (resistors, caps, etc.), installed individually tested NOS tubes and replaced the stock speaker with a new Jensen P10R (I still have the stock Oxford speaker). I argued and cajoled him to put a Webber speaker in it but he insisted the Jensen was the one for my Princeton. I acquiesced and now I can't argue -- I see no need for any other mods or pedals. The amp sounds just great to me as is.

If I were you, I'd have a master tech restore my Princeton to pure stock before I made any changes. It was good enough for Big Walter; it's good enough for me!

BTW, my amp "Doctor" is "Lord Valve" in Denver. Does stellar work at reasonable prices. He also sells individually tested and verified NOS tube at nice prices. Google "Lord Valve."


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