[Harp-L] Re: Blues Jam in Denver: The Q Worldly Barbeque

The jam last Wednesday at the Q was fun.  Many thanks to Rusty for the kind
words, but he left out the rest of the story:

When Rusty got up to play every head in the place turned when he hit is
first note.  He gets DEEP tone and great musicianship.  He got up with guys
who were playing a jazzy funky groove in a minor key, a challenge for some
harp players.  But Rusty killed on it.  He played one solo entirely in
octave splits!  Very cool.

Rusty uses the two-hand cupping grip on the harp, not the typical
between-thumb-and-forefinger-on-left-hand grip.  He gets a good seal with
his thumbs on both sides of his face, and tongue-blocks 80 percent of the
time.  The result is a very fat retro Chicago sound.  The pro musicians
hosting the jam were really impressed.
The next time Rusty gets to Denver we'll hit another jam... maybe the Q
again, maybe Ziggies or Bushwackers or the Outlook up in Boulder.

Rusty, if you get to town when my band is gigging you will definitely be
called up for a set.  Deal?

-Rick Davis
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On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 7:33 PM, Rusty Wilson <harpoon_man@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Just wanted to say thanks to Rick Davis (
> http://bluesharpamps.blogspot.com/) and tell the rest of the world about a
> cool blues jam in Denver (Cherry Creek area).  Check it out every Wednesday
> night at a place called the Q Worldly Barbeque (www.theqbarbeque.com).
>  Rick seems to know everyone in town and kindly introduced me around to the
> various musicians that were in the house.  Highlights of the evening
> included:
> * Chowing down on a really nice bbq pork sandwich.
> * Watching Rick play some toneful and tasty harp on stage with select
> members of his band.
> * Seeing Rick's student, Dan (Merv?), give his second public performance on
> the harp (and he did a great job).
> * Meeting Chris Richards (http://home.comcast.net/~bluzeharp/site/?/home/_),
> hearing his big, buttery vibrato, and having a chance to try out one of his
> very nice microphones, a green bullet-style mic with a CR element if I
> recall.
> I will definitely be back there next time I'm in town on a Wednesday.
> -Rusty
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