[Harp-L] Report on Highlands Harmonica Festival - Malaysia, July 2009

All these SPAH reports make me wish I were there. I was lucky enough to go in 2005. Despite the distance from Australia. I will go again.

I was however lucky enough to be a guest perfmorer at the first Highlands Harmonica Festivals, held last month in Malaysia. This was a major event, with around 1000 attending, including a good rollup of international talent. Guests included Willi Berger (Italy), Jens Bunge (Germany) and the fabulous Kings Harmonica Quintet from Hong Kong. I got to perform with these guys, playing baroque recorder. Another highlight was the Malaysian Harmonica Ochestra, with (many) chromatic harmonicas replacing the strings.

The harmonica is pretty big in Asia, their events are impressive. More details about the Highlands Harmonica Festival (including pictures) are at


Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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