Re: RE : [Harp-L] Is anyone selling the Suzuki Manji yet?

Yeah, Suzuki is really heating things up with products like the Manji at only $40. Actually this is list price. Prices on the street might well be even lower. And the Suzuki HarpMaster at about $25 is also a great value.

At the Suzuki product seminar, they claimed that they're migrating the quality improvements of the Firebreath into the Manji - but with the longer reeds overblow players want for greater stability, and at a very competitive price. They made slimilar claims for putting a lot of what's good in the high-end ($3000-ish) Fabulous chromatic into the mid-priced ($450-ish) Grégoire Maret chromatic models.

I played both the Manji diatonics and the Grégoire Maret chromatics at SPAH and was impressed with both (though I have to say was was really blown away by the Maret chromatic and I'm not the only one).

Putting quality improvements into mid-priced instruments? What a concept. I think Suzuki is going to win some real friends with their most recent product introductions.


Winslow Yerxa

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"Is anyone selling the Suzuki Manji yet? Prefer online domestic source."

No the Manji will be sold in the end of September, beginning of October the price will be $39,99 street price and it'll comes in 14 keys, from Low G to High F#. Only 10 were brought at SPAH and I've been lucky enough to have one....

Seydels are great harmonicas, but man! With the Manji the competition is huge.

Christelle Berthon

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