[Harp-L] Cheryl Arena

John, kudos to you, indeed, also for letting us know about Cheryl's misfortune in losing her mother. 

Cheryl's not only a fine player and singer, but a fine, warm and smart person who - I am guessing - would appreciate words of sympathy and support from her harp playin' brothers and sisters,  try cheryl (at) cherylarena (dot) com

-Dave Fertig

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On 8/19/09 9:12 PM, Rob P wrote:

>  thanx to Harmonica John for a superb
> job with the sound.

Rob, you are most assuredly welcome. It was great getting to hang with you
and everyone. Stan and I decided that it was having dinner with us that
sealed the deal on that award.

BTW, harp-lers, at the blowoff on Tuesday night, one of the highlights for
me was the soulful, vocals and amazing harmonica tone of Cheryl Arena. She
totally stole the show.  Cheryl had to leave early from SPAH, as her mother
went into the hospital and then passed on Sunday.

My thoughts are with you, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing you artistry with us.

"...The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

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