Re: [Harp-L] A few SPAH shows I really dug

Richard Hunter wrote:
<I was completely knocked out by both Baker and Ricci.  I had my Zoom H4 with me, and I recorded everything I heard.  I've passed the <recordings of Baker's stuff on to him for approval before I post to my Youtube channel.  Let me just note in passing that when you finally hear <those recordings, that's me saying "f---in' great" shortly after the beginning of the first piece.  And it surely was.  I interviewed Baker right after <the show; stay tuned for the edited interview.

I've been informed that an announcement was made at the beginning of this show--which I missed--to the effect that recording was not permitted, apparently under a contractual agreement with the musicians involved.  The recordings I made that night will therefore not be released to the public in any form.

The Baker interview was obviously not covered by the restriction that applied to the show.  I may release that depending on whether it makes sense without the accompanying performance.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

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