[Harp-L] SPAH 2009

My First SPAH was stupendous!  What a huge treat!  Simply meeting and hanging a bit with so many amazing players and fine people, was worth the price; the workshops (which I found easily enough) were all better than advertised, at least to me.  

The folks who made it work, all volunteers, worked really hard and did a superb job, they all deserve huge plaudits, not least Warren Bee for top notch p.r., and the many behind the scenes workers who made everything look smooth on the surface.  Most importantly, the volunteers whose work builds community and its working relationships, also those who just played and played and played... in all styles and genres!  How cool!! 

And Buzz you're the MC Monster!  Always smiling, cajoling and moving the program, good work there!   

I, for one, liked the hotel, with all the shaded nooks and crannies to play, chat and gather in.  Sonic
 separation was more or less easy
 to find, and of course
 the prices were very competitive for California.  But I'm glad I found the Trader Joe's.

Thanks to everyone who made it so great!

-Dave Fertig 

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