Re: [Harp-L] The American Dream achieved on a harmonica player's salary....well...sort of...


went to  your web site..
I am very impressed with your work..
"The man" has not been should list yourself as an artist...
you are..
hang in there...

When the going gets tough...the tough get blowing...

When my son was born, I felt I had to set my dream of being a hot shot harmonica player aside.
Holding him in my arms, he seemed to important to risk valuable weekend time (work)...
Hanging out with friends at late night gigs having the time of my life...
Right there...I Resolved to "let it go",
I put a CD in the player and listened to this kids music a friend had given us for our newborn.

The guy playing on the dammed kid's CD was better than I ever hoped to brought a tear to my eye.
If the guy on the kid's CD was this good, maybe I'd be better off letting go of this dream of harmonica success.

At a later date, I looked over the CD, only to find it was John McCutchen "Mail myself to you".
Closer inspection showed the harp player to be Howard Levy.

in retrospect...maybe I sold out or sold myself short.

Maybe at times like this we are a little hard on ourselves...
Keep playing your have a talent my friend and it brings joy to others... and it Beats the hell out of golf.

On Aug 19, 2009, at 1:33 PM, michael rubin wrote:

Today I bought my first house with the help of my wife who is a city
planner.  When we went to the bank for the loan, they looked at my
taxes.  Although I am honest with the government about the amount of
money I make every year, I have a lot of deductions.  The final
numbers look like I survive on basically nothing.  Anyway, the bank
said no go.
My wife said, fine, just put it all on her income.  The bank said that
hers wasn't strong enough either.  She needed a cosigner.  We asked
them if there was anything we can do.

"You can say that Michael's career is as a homemaker."

Anyone need some housework done?
Michael Rubin
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