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Dremel bits are actually too coarse.
You want to use an abrasive that will let you command control of the reduction.
That's why the Shofu Brownies are perfect for rotary tool use. They don't heat up the reed material.
They aren't an end all to tuning and altering reed pitch. Combine them with files and sanding wands to broaden your abilities to work on reeds.

I recommended Dremels and pro rotary tools in the past but finally realized I'm a pro on them having used them 5 days a week for the past 33 years in my profession.
It easily carried over when I started working on harps about 12 years ago.

Most everyone here has warned against using Dremels. Beware of the super cheap rotary tools as well. The motors aren't balanced and the bits tend to wobble causing hand fatigue.

Michael Easton

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I've got an old Dremel tool. seems like it would be good for tuning reeds (stress the seems like... in my feeble attempts using the Dremel to tune flat reeds, I've shot more than a few across the room.) Has anyone ever used a tool such as the Dremel for tuning reeds? If yes, what tip would you recommend?




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