[Harp-L] Rob Paparozzi Bernie Bray Award

Congratulations to Rob Paparozzi on receiving the Bernie Bray Award for 2009.  You have to look at masters like Tommy Morgan to find peers for Rob.  Like Tommy, Rob is a consummate professional who generates respect for his instrument wherever he goes, which includes the highest circles of performing and recording musicians in the world.  Also like Tommy, his work is so ubiquitous and varied that you often don't realize you're listening to Rob until you see the credits roll.  Rob has created a body of work over a lifetime that will stand.  

To say this is well-deserved is to state the obvious.  Congrats to Rob, and kudos to the SPAH award committee for selecting an active, influential professional with a long career still ahead of him for this year's award.

FYI, some years ago Rob contributed a writeup to the Pro Pages at my website, and it still makes interesting reading, though his gear choices have certainly changed since this page was written:

Regards, Richard Hunter

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