RE: [Harp-L] lips- one last mention

> Don¹t forget Ecolips- a lip balm actually produced by a harp player (who
> oddly enough has the same name as me!)
In summer here in the UK (we do have summers occasionally) I use Aloe Vera lip balm made by Aloe Dent.  It has the most subtle of perfumes - hardly any really - and it gives some UV protection and is one of the few lip balms that I'm not allergic to.  All the year round I always take a little tube of Cymex lip cream (made by de Witt) with me whenever I'm playing.  It is a thin, white, non-greasy, unperfumed cream with a mild antiseptic and will not clog up the harmonica holes with that vile, grey goo, unlike that abomination known as Vaseline.  
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