Re: [Harp-L] YouTube - Extraordinary Pantene Commercial for harmonica players (no harmonica content)

Randy sent this commercial of a deaf mute who learns to play violin
and I thought it a good time to mention my band Air Seed led by Jimmy
Turner, a deaf mute (capable of producing vocal sounds) rastafarian
man who sings, plays violin, saxophone, electric bass and guitar.  He
has a live CD out called AIr Seed, I am on a track.  To get a copy,
send me $20 thru paypal on my website's lessons page with your address
and clearly state you want the Airseed CD.  Then wait for me to see
Jimmy and get a copy.  I cannot just call or email him.  It has a
certain level of serendipity to it.

I host an open mic with a full backup band and Jimmy began playing it.
 His music is very avant garde compared to what we are used to and
sometimes the band gets inspired to follow the Ornette Coleman
philosophy but sometimes we play more standard grooves.  After a
while, we knew we had a band and started gigging.  Sometimes the
audience walks out, but mostly they really dig it.

When my wife and I had an anniversary dinner I had Jimmy come and
serenade us on violin.  That was an experience for the entire
What is amazing is that Jimmy does not speak American Sign Language
and does not read.  He communicates thru miming.  The fact that I was
able to communicate to him the date, time, location of the restaurant
and what I wanted him to do was a miracle.

In any case, playing music with him is always a deeply spiritual experience.
Michael Rubin

On 8/9/09, Randy Singer <randy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Many harmonica players consider the instrument to be marginalized...........
> Though there is no harmonica content, this will be extraordinarily relevant
> to all harmonica players in the quest of excellence and the
> daily need to renew and find inspiration to continue in a world which offers
> little opportunity for our instrument.
> I encourage you to watch and pass along to harmonica players as well as to
> non harmonica players.
> This is truly "food for the musical soul"
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