[Harp-L] NJ cops hassle Dylan

Ron, I sort of disagree with you on this one, maybe because I live in New Orleans, but I would not consider wandering around,  in the type community  you described, here, alone, under any circumstances, especially without identification.  I think everyone reacted as they should have, both Dylan and the police.  If Mr. Dylan showed any attitude, then he would have been arrested , and least here and of course in Cambridge Mass. 

I had something similar happen to me in Central Florida back in the late 90s.  I was on a motorcycle trip with some musician friends, heading to Key West, and we were just past Lake Okeechobee, since we decided to take the inland route,  and we stopped at a restaurant which happened to be closed, to get something to eat.  I do not remember the name of the town.  A policeman pulled up and wanted to know what we were doing there,  after we explained he told us very bluntly to get on our bikes, go through town, and under no circumstances stop for at least 15 miles.  We were pretty upset at his attitude, until we got in the middle of town, and saw what the crowd looked like, and the way they looked at us.  This policeman saved our lives.

How cool would it have been if  Bob Dylan  had been strolling around with a guitar, and a harmonica in a rack, writing a song about the neighborhood.  Then he would not have needed an ID,  


Captron wrote:
Short, somewhat amusing, article about the Long Branch, NJ cops hassling one of our favorite harp players.? Maybe there was more to it than meets the eye, but it seems to me those cops were out of line no matter who it was, to make a person go from where they were to somewhere else, without probable cause.
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