[Harp-L] weighted abs combs

Brendan Power wrote:

> The especially cool thing with them is that Suzuki is using a
> patent-pending innovation for adding tone and response to the humble
> injection-moulded ABS comb. They add brass weights to the rear and sides
> of the comb, which gives more heft to the comb and greater inertia for the
> reeds to swing against.
> Yes Vern, it DOES make a difference to the sound!

i'm having a little trouble imagining how this can work. the mass of the comb
is already pretty high, relative to that of the reeds. and when you're holding
the harp you effectively add your own mass to that of the comb, which would
far outweigh any effect the weights might have. if the weights work by increasing
the mass of the comb, then you'd expect that combs made of any material denser
then abs plastic would show similar differences. but this has not been demonstrated,
to my knowledge, in the (admittedly limited) public testing.

so what am i missing?

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