Re: [Harp-L] How to play all scale tones on Diatonic Harp ?

Bending notes to get the F and A in the first octave on a C diatonic is 
relatively easy.
Since the harp comes with complete C scale from holes 4-7; just play that 
scale until it is burned in your memory. 

Now if you know how bend, just keep working on the first octave until you 
can play the bent notes on pitch. That means, not sliding into it from a 
higher or lower note but hitting the note spot on.

If you can't manage to remember what a major C scale sounds like, stand 
next to a piano and play the same scale starting on Hole 1-4, using the piano 
sound as a reference sound.

If you're just playing folk songs and other Americana without any extra 
notes outside of the sale (accidentials - flats & sharps) you will soon be able 
to play all the songs you used to play in hole 4-7 in holes 1-4 at a much 
lower pitch.
Hope thishelps.

In a message dated 8/14/09 3:15:43 PM, opus314@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> C Harp for easy example
> - What is the best way to get the 3 missing scale tones on a diatonic
> harmonics?
> - They are all a whole step below the note above them.
> - Must you bend the note above them down an entire step to play those
> notes?
> - That is a lot of bendin'... specially on the high A note
> - Here are the notes & holes... (correct me if I got any of this
> wrong)
> C=1B
> D=1D
> E=2B
> F= How to get this note?
> G= 2D
> G=3B
> A = How to get this note?
> B= 3D
> C=4B
> D=4D
> E=5B
> F=5D
> G=6B
> A=6D
> B=7D
> C=7B
> D=8D
> E=8B
> F=9D
> G=9B
> A=how to play this note?
> B=10D
> C=10B
> Thanks.
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