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I have been trying to find spah2009 and HH_mag on Twitter, but so far  
haven't succeeded. I am on there as Sam Barry
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Hey  Wezo, (oddly enough, I have a very similar nickname myself),

Sorry to  hear that hasn't been brimming with  
content.  It's my first year trying this and well, let's just say I  
know  there's room for improvement. It would also be great if MORE  
people  were blogging, of course, to get a greater variety of  
experiences.  That said, I will be posting more pieces post-convention,  
now that  I've had a little time to digest everything that I saw and  
heard.  Needless to say, there's no way I could catch it all by myself.
I haven't  heard of any other bloggers at SPAH ( does have a  
blogging  section, but they really focused their efforts on continual  
Twitter  updates, follow @spah2009). If I do, I'll be sure to link to  
them on  HH.



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> I've been watching  Harmonica Happenings and Haven't heard too much  
about the  convention.   Can anyone steer me to a place where folks are   
doing in depth blogging?   Sure wish I was there.   It  would be SO  
cool to see all the great harp players.  I've  always wanted to see,  
hear and talk with Tommy Morgan who has been  SO much a part of our  
> He's the MAN !!
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