[Harp-L] Recommendations for vintage 520?

Justin wrote:
Hey There,
I¼m new to the list...
I¼m looking to buy a Shure 520 CR for my vocals, and I¼ve read the
greenbulletmics.com warnings about the scams out there.  Could anyone advise
me of a good solid place to buy one of these bad boys?  Anyone I should
avoid? Thanks!
Hi Justin and welcome aboard.

Don't have any info on where to buy a vintage 520 these days, but wanted to mention something: You write that you're looking for the 520 for your vocals...

A vintage 520 can be a great choice for amplified harp, but is *not* a good vocal mic. These things were designed for dispatchers and ham-radio operators to speak through, not for singing. The lyrics will distort like crazy.

No doubt you will get several other recommendations here on the L, but my recommendation would be to acquire both a 520 for harp (if that's what you want,) and a vocal mic (perhaps a Shure SM57, SM58 or 545SD) for vocals.

cheers and best of luck,

Tom Ball

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