[Harp-L] Re: How to play all scale tones on Diatonic Harp ?

Woops! Your right...  starting with the 9 hole... correcting the high
end A & B...

B=how do you play this note.

So you...
Bend the 2D (G) down a whole step to get the F below it... right?
Bend the 3D (B) down a whole step to get the A below it... right?

So how do you get the high end B?
- Is there a way to play the 10B to actually 'lower' the pitch by a
half step?
- or a way to play the 10D to raise the pitch a whole step?

I can bend all the lower draw notes a half step... but haven't tried
to bend the 2D & 3D a whole step... guess I got some work to do... and
I haven't practiced playing the 7B thru 10B to raise the pitch yet...

Thanks for any comments.

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