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I think you're confusing tolerances of the reed to the slot on the reed plate with the size of the reed gap.  If we consider reed/slot as width, then the reed gap would be the height.  The higher reed gap means the harp can be played louder (or harder) because you can use more air without choking.  Tighter reed/slot tolerances mean the air is used more efficiently/not wasted going *around* the reed.

(Eh, or something like that.  I'm an accountant.  What do I know about this stuff...but that's how I conceptualize all of this working.  Maybe one of the guys who actually knows will jump in now and point out how right/wrong I am.)

Jonathan "not at SPAH 2009" Compton

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> Tim Moyer wrote: 
> >...While I agree with nearly everything Mojo posted, the comment about "close tolerances" allowing for a "louder" harp I think needs to be clarified. It >depends on which tolerances you are referring to. I remember reading a post once from Robert Bonfigio in which he commented that he increased the >gaps on reeds to make the instrument louder, and in fact it makes sense (to me, anyway) that wider gaps cause the reed to swing wider, with greater >amplitude, which makes it louder. Additionally, as the honorable Dr. Antaki commented, closer gaps can cause a reed to choke under heavy attack, >which can make it more difficult to play "louder"... 
> I was thinking that "close tolerances" might be a factory approach that gets similar results to the embossing that customizers perform. Regardless of the gap, having a reed shut off the air flow completely (or "more completely" than the average stamped plate/riiveted reed combination) might result in more volume. I don't have any data to support this, and I'd like to hear from anyone who has any data or further thoughts. 
> Joe 
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