Re: [Harp-L] Best Working Man's Harmonica Out of the Box

" I have never gotten a bad Suzuki BluesMaster or HarpMaster out of the box.
Great quality control, easy blowing, etc. "

I got three A bluesmasters at the same time. Were identical to play as
best as I could tell. Nice to play. Still embossing improved the
bendability and sensitivity. Enough that my non-playing 8 year old
could immediately pick out the customized one from the three
identically looking harps, by trying them out.

However the best playing out of the box harp I've purchased, by far,
is a $16 Suzuki Folkmaster purchased at the same time. These are made
in China and the reeds are NOT welded. Pinned like most others. Could
be just blind luck as this is the only Folkmaster I've purchased. Got
it for fun to use as a cheap harp to practice my customization skills
on. Will try and see how much I can improve on it.

Comb is plastic. Traditional style cover plates. Some smoothing of any
rough corners will be required. A pleasant and unexpected surprise.

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