[Harp-L] Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 72, Issue 25 best harp

Hi my name is Baz & I have been playing harp for 45 years ,never as  good 
as I would like to be but with a determination always to improve.
So why this email. Well I live in England and here we have a problem The  
problem is that there are just not that many good harp techs around.
So for what its worth I will bore you with my thoughts.
1 If you have talent and for an example you are an artist why buy cheap  
brushes ?
2 If you are a very good cook why buy crap veg ?
3 Great guitarists dont use crap guitars
Get my drift?
The effort put in to achieving a good standard does not need to be  
compromised by less than the best tools
Some harp players would do better by purchasing just one custom harp and  
seeing just how much better their performance would be rather  than  buying 
all the keys of poorer harps.
Here in England thanks to You Tube I am learning to customise my own harps  
Progress is slow but rewarding.
My harps are mostly Dannecker Honner customs but 1847 & silver Sydels  are 
really tight.
Its a total no brainer If you want to be the best buy the best.  My  harps 
cost $125 each Its the best money I have ever spent because my poor  playing 
is down to me and not the harp.

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