[Harp-L] Best Working Man's Harmonica Out of the Box

RE: Best Working Man's Harmonica Out of the Box

I have never gotten a bad Suzuki BluesMaster or HarpMaster out of the box.
Great quality control, easy blowing, etc.  

I have a box full of Special 20's, many of which I have worked on, opened up
the covers, adjusted the curl and gap etc.  And, I am very happy with them.
They are great harps.  But in some cases I have had to use the squeeze box
to test three or four before I got one I would accept. 

I play the Suzuki's just like they come out of the box and am happy with
them that way. I have no qualms about buying Suzuki's online but prefer to
buy Special 20's locally where I can test them on a squeeze box before I
accept them.

This may be just me and my ear but they do have a different sound.  I
wouldn't say one is sound is better than the other, just different.  The
Hohner's seem to be a little more bluesy and sax like while the Suzuki's
seem a little brighter and louder.

Bill Kumpe
Tulsa, OK   

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