[Harp-L] Best Working Man's Harmonica Out of the Box

I hate to use the obvious and overused "S" word (subjective) but it is appropriate here. Form factor and playing style (especially soft versus hard) are important. And then their is the quality control of the particular "Best out of the box". Because I'm a lifelong Golden Melody player without tweaking dexterity when they work well out of the box (1 out of 3) perfectly they're perfect. While I believe there may be superior tunings out there for octaves the organic volume/tonal qualities and especially the form factor serve me well. I'm hoping the Bends harp in the mail will be an alternative out of the box but I have tried most: Sum of my experience as a modest talent with a love for the instrument: Invest a couple of hundred on a sampling over time, e.g., GM, S 20, MB, Seydel, Bushman, Hering, Suzuki, Bends, etc....At he end of the day this post is probably not answering your particular harp quality credibility question. My best. d

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