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HI Brendan,
That's list price, damn!!, However, I'd still like to know what tuning the MANJI will be coming with, be it 7LJI, 19LJI, ET, or comprimise tuning??
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The MANJI has been getting a good reaction from players who are trying it
at SPAH. The hot overblowers say it overblows well, but still needs some
reed tweaking (profiles etc) for top performance. So there is definitely
scope for customisers to take it to higher levels.

However, EVERYONE is happy when they learn the price: USD $40.00.

Somewhat overshadowed by all the attention on the MANJI, Suzuki is also
releasing new chromatic models at SPAH. There are two new 12 hole Gregoire
Maret signature models, the G-48 and G-48-W. The difference is that the
G-48W has Rosewood vovers (the G-48 has dark blue enamel finish)

Both use the new high-performance reedplates from the Fabulous chromatic,
with longer reeds than the SCX and SC models. They also use with the new
ABS comb with front lip. This means no backplate for the slider; it runs
on the front of the comb, reducing slide assembly from a 3-piece to a 2
piece unit. This reduces complexity of assembly, removes one more source
of air loss, and gives a quieter slide action.

The especially cool thing with them is that Suzuki is using a
patent-pending innovation for adding tone and response to the humble
injection-moulded ABS comb. They add brass weights to the rear and sides
of the comb, which gives more heft to the comb and greater inertia for the
reeds to swing against.

Yes Vern, it DOES make a difference to the sound! The new chroms are
getting a universally good reaction from players here at SPAH. Gregoire
will be demonstrating them himself in concert this evening - along with
other Suzuki endorsers tango player Joe Powers, Koei Tanaka of Japan, Rob
Paparozzi and myself.

Prices are around $490 (wood covers) and $470 (standard).

Finally, Suzuki also have out a new bass and chord harmonica, called the
SCH-48. This is double the size of their previous model, the SCH-24, and
has all the main chords for all the keys (major, minor, sevenths,
diminished, augmented).

It has a bass note to the side of each chord, so you can get bass and
chord together. Fun to try, even for a beginner like me!

OK, out into the SPAH madness...

Bye for now,

Brendan Power

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