[Harp-L] Jason Ricci Gigs in Missouri and Alabama (Short Notice)

Hi everyone, I'm wearing my publicist hat for a moment to tell you all about some upcoming Jason Ricci gigs that have been added to the schedule on fairly short notice. I just missed the deadline for this week's gig list update, and I want to make sure everyone knows about these newly added shows:

08/20/09 Kansas City, MO - Knucklehead's
08/21/09 Cape Girardeau, MO - Rude Dog Pub
08/23/09 St. Louis, MO - Beale on Broadway
08/27/09 Birmingham, AL - Zydeco

There are many other changes to the schedule, but those gigs are farther out, so I'll leave it to you to check Danny's excellent gig list next week (though you should scan it every week!). If you want to see the updated schedule right away, it's online here:


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Prairie Dog PR
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