[Harp-L] Jazz heads


I've been trying to get my playing back in shape after a long layover, and
one thing that helps me shake the cobwebs loose is to rip off some old jazz
heads and integrate them into my playing. I think someone once posted Take
Five tab, which was great, and Adam Gussow has a great lesson on Blue Monk.
Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else had a few tabs lying around and
wouldn't mind swapping. For example, I really like this little knockoff
version of In A Sentimental Mood that I tabbed out: 

1b 1d 2b 2d 3d" 4b 4d
4b 4d 4b 3d 3d" 3b 2b 3d" 2b

Etc. If anyone wants to swap a few licks, let me know! 

Evan Meagher, CFA 

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