You are CORRECT, sir!

I was blowing reeds out left, right and center until I discovered how to play from my diaphragm.

I'm anxious to find out if the Manji's come with replaceable reedsplates.

And yes, I'm ordering a few Hammonds soon, thanks to your recommendations, John.

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i've been playing out of the box Suzuki Hammonds 2-3 nights most
weeks for well over 2 years and i haven't had a reed go bad yet.  And
if one does go bad, I can buy  replacement reed plates.  Nice, dark
tone, even across the registers, high compression, very responsive,
and well worth the extra $, IMHO. You get what you pay for.

Btw, a player who is hard on harps is often a player who is not
producing airflow from the diaphragm.   Before i learned to do that
properly, i'd sometimes blow out a harp in a weekend if it was a key
that I was using regularly. FWIW.


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