Re: [Harp-L] Must have Harp CD's or Recordings are ???

Brother Opus314, Brothers & Sisters of the great Tin Sandwich,

Here are a few resource recomendations:
    Scroll a little more than halfway down.

Don't forget the many Internet sites that will help to give you insight. Use your cable TV resources. And most certainly listen to Blues and C&W stations, like

Also look for the very best, and the width, of all genres on,com/ and anywhere else. You will find that there is every capability and nuance. Consider the beauty and style of -

Or the raw Blues and European style of -

The precision of -

And by the way...You should have one of each!

And L-I-S-T-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And videos -

And brands -

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man

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I have a small, odd assortment, of Harp CD's and recordings... mostly
blues harp...
but my very small collection is by no means near complete.

I wonder if any one has put together a really good list of CD's and/or
Recordings that every harp player should have... by CD title or Tune
Title... and artist/peformers.

- Blues harp CD collection
- other harp CD's


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