[Harp-L] Bends Review

 Richard wrote:
One thing I'm really paying attention to lately is the sturdiness of the covers--it makes a difference when you're carrying the things around in a pocket, and crushed covers do not a well-playing harp make.  

Richard, than u should like those hard cover cases that accompany the Bends harps!  :)  I hate 
crushed covers.  But.......I wonder how much a manufacturer could drop the price by not including an 
expensive case.  I've never kept my harps in their cases.  If i DO have to take some fav. harps out 
without the solid protection of my gig case, I "carefully" carry them in a fanny bag.
  Pat Missin's Bends review, as well as yesterday's u tube vids were great.  Gotta love Pat Missin.  Love your stuff too.
ron - FL Keys

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