[Harp-L] quick announcement

I've been away from the groups for a while trying to focus on some different projects. I wanted to let everyone know that I designed and built a new cnc machine for my shop and will have chromatic combs available shortly in acrylic and dymondwood. I'm also working on a process of making replacement mouthpieces for the chromatic from dymondwood so that you can have a matching comb and mouthpiece. I'll post more when I'm ready to put them up on my site. I'm also looking into expanding the Hands Free Chromatic lineup. Another item that I'm working on is a molded replacement mouthpiece for different chromatics. I find the molded mouthpieces for the HFC  very comfortable and wanted to expand on that to make replacement "comfort" mouthpieces for other models. So more info will follow on those as well. Anyway just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I'm still around, just been busy focusing on trying to come out with more products for the community. 



Just a man, his shop, and a long list of unfinished projects...

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