Re: [Harp-L] Re: Good source for Backing Tracks - Where to buy?

Opus314 wrote:
<right now I'm looking for "ready made" backing tracks for popular
<tunes for...
<... Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, etc
<... Blues favorites
<... Jazz standards

If you do a Google search on "backing tracks" you'll find a lot of stuff, some free, some 
intended for live performance backing pros, etc.  A quick check of the sites involved and a listen to their
demos should tell you whether they've got the stuff you want at the price you want.

Note that the music supplied by these companies for backing live performances generally comes with a license that specifies
that the tracks can ONLY be used for live performance (and in venues that have paid their ASCAP/BMI fees), i.e. it's a 
violation of copyright to record over those tracks and distribute the recordings.  This makes sense, given that it would 
also be a violation of copyright to make your own recordings of other people's copyrighted songs and distribute those without

It might be possible to license tracks for recording purposes too, but my guess is that that's a different (and more expensive) 
fee structure, possibly based on a royalty rate per number of units distributed or sold.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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