Re: [Harp-L] Renaissance chromatic

1) I honestly don't remember how much I paid for it... after all it was  
back in 1996 or 1997... But it seemed like quite a lot of money at the  time!
2) No I don't do my own tuning or reed replacement.
Douglas Tate kept it running and in tune to start with, then Antony  
Danneker took on the task, lately Michael Timler, of "Harp on Line", in Germany  
has serviced it, and he did a terrific job!
3) Yes I do practice on it.... But I like to practice on other chromatics,  
in other keys, as well as to practice on diatonics. The only disadvantage  
using a Renaissance Chromatic harmonica to practice on is that it is rather  
heavy, and if I want a chromatic to take out in my pocket, I will take a  
Hohner 270. 
I usually practice on the instrument I intend to play prior to a gig for  
each tune I'm playing. After all, the response and the volume varies quite a 
lot  between different models of harmonica.
Best wishes
John Walden
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harpbob@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I would love to play a Renny...I'm so envious of  you :-)
Couple of questions:
1] What was the price on it?
2] Do you  do your own tuning/reed replacement?
3] Do you practice on it? [I have  nothing like a Renny, but I do have a 
number of very  nice customized  chromatics; I prefer not to practice on them 
{i use  out-of-the-box chros for practice}, saving them for gigs.]
WVa  Bob


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