[Harp-L] Re: Bends Review

I just ordered a pair of Bends Adagios (in C and F), which Pat Missin described as his favorites in his reviews, for $32.95 each plus $15 shipping (USPS first class to Idaho from Illinois) from Worldmusicalinstruments.com.  First purchase from this dealer.  I won't get the instruments in time for SPAH, I'm sure.

Looking forward to checking these out.  I'm enjoying in general checking out new instruments.  My Hohner Marine Band Deluxe in A is holding up very well, and I may buy more.  I am not planning to replace my four Suzuki Firebreaths (A, Bb, C, and F), which have not worked well for me, and so need to find some new gear--maybe a Seydel or two, or a different Suzuki.  I expect to see plenty of nice harps at SPAH.  

One thing I'm really paying attention to lately is the sturdiness of the covers--it makes a difference when you're carrying the things around in a pocket, and crushed covers do not a well-playing harp make.  The MB Deluxe holds up very well in this regard.  

Regards, Richard Hunter 

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