Re: [Harp-L] Kinder Antifeedback and one spot battery clip convertors

Harp Gear wrote:
I know that Jason Ricci is using the battery clip convertors from a one spot with his Kinder Antifeedback but he had mentioned he had to use two different onespot plugs to get it to work. Has anyone toyed around with the antifeedback and battery clip convertors here? It worked fine with the two different one spot power supplies but I was wondering if anyone has tried just using one with the one spot chain?

i tried, with no success. talking to john kinder, he said i was lucky i hadn't destroyed my AFB. he recommended i find another solution, but with little to go on regarding what would work and what would not, i eventually gave up. i'm now esperimenting with the behringer shark to see if it'll do what i need. an AFB that runs on batteries doesn't really work well with my setup.

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