[Harp-L] Manji welded reeds?

I'm a relative newbie to harp-playing and I know it's probably a dumb question, but.......if welded reeds are such a tremendous improvement over rivetted reeds, wouldn't replacing a welded reed with a screw-fastened reed result in a poorer quality harmonica? 


If not, then why not use all screw-fastened or bolted reeds in the first place, rather than welded reeds? 

And if indeed the performance of a welded reed is so vital to the musician at the outset, why would he/she then settle for a lesser harmonica with a repaired reed which doesn't meet original manufacturer's specifications? I'm thinking that if welded reeds were so vitally important to the professional player in the first place, he/she would simply dispose of the damaged harp and buy a new one, rather than play an "inferior" instrument.


.....Or am I missing something?


Jim Adams <Rapidly donning fireproof suit.>

 Tony Ayers wrote:
"Brendan suggests that customisers may be interested in the Manji. I 
suspect not, for a simple reason. The welded reeds seem an excellent 
innovation, but they can't be replaced (Brendan, correct me if I'm wrong 
here). Hence once a reed goes, as it eventually will, then so does the 
instrument along with all the work the cusomiser has done on the other 
OK, Tony, you stand corrected :) Replacing a Suzuki welded reed is easy and
quick (about 5 minutes). Check out my real-time instructional video:
I've also made a couple of videos on replacing Suzuki chromatic reeds.
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