[Harp-L] Charlie Musselwhite

I saw and heard Charlie play through?a Super Sonny 410 Saturday night at the Riverfront Blues Festival here in my hometown of Wilmington, DE (I played the side stage earlier in the day through my own 410). Charlie sounded great! When I spoke briefly w/ him afterwards, he confirmed that he really loves his Cruncher amp and the Super Sonny 410 he borrowed for the gig. Charlie is a great performer, always has a smile on his face, and plays lines that are all his own. 

He plugged a Greg Heuman wooden mic and volume control directly into the amp (no pedals). To mic the amp into the PA, he had one SM57 in its usual spot on one of the four 10" speakers, and another SM57 aimed into the back of the now smaller opening of the amp. Great sound! Particularly on his encore -Cristo Redemptor.

A great show! 

Andy Vincent

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