[Harp-L] The new Suzuki MANJI: Closest Reed/Slot Tolerances Ever Achieved

Hi Folks, 

I checked out the Brandon Power videos for this new harp. I don't want to
get into any critical discussion about reed slots or the comb material and
all that.  I do want to say that I agree with Joe Spiers that this is a
pretty cool to be playing harmonica.  Manufacturers are definitely trying
very hard to make really good harmonicas and It's great to see what the
confluence of competition between manufacturers and the new standards
brought about by custom builders is doing to the quality of harmonicas.

The other thing I wanted to say is this harp is to my eye the prettiest
looking harmonica I've ever seen.  I think the cover design is beautiful.
And the light colored comb is really sharp too.  I'll definitely be ordering
one as soon as they become available.

Sam Blancato, Pittsburgh

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