Re: [Harp-L] The new Suzuki MANJI: Closest Reed/Slot, Tolerances EverAchieved

Suzuki has graciously provided me special factory tools for fast, efficient and accurate reed replacement on their instruments. I am looking forward to a Manji. I'm also looking forward to a Harrison harmonica. And a Hohner Crossover. I'm looking forward to harps that require less labor investment to conform to my specifications. End result.....hopefully.....better customs than I make currently, for less cost to the customer (due to reduced time spent on them). Pretty cool time to be a harmonica player, eh?

Joe Spiers

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Brendan suggests that customisers may be interested in the Manji. I suspect not, for a simple reason. The welded reeds seem an excellent innovation, but they can't be replaced (Brendan, correct me if I'm wrong here). Hence once a reed goes, as it eventually will, then so does the instrument along with all the work the cusomiser has done on the other reeds.

In contrast to this, riveted reeds can be replaced. Most customisers provide this service for their instruments, hence restoring an otherwise useless instrument to as good as new. My main set of Neil Graham custom diatonics are 7 years old, each of them has been serviced several times, each time with new reed replacing the one gone bad. These instruments are still as good as new.

This is not to detract from the new Suzuki Manji. Most of us replace instruments when reeds go bad, so the Suzuki is essentially no different to its competitors. I look forward to hearing the price for this instrument, and getting hold of one. Similarly for the Hohner Crossover.

A final note. Suzuki are definitely ahead of their competitors in terms of web presence, particularly with Brendan's YouTube promotional series. It would be great if the other manufacturers posted similar videos of A-list players showing off new models.

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