[Harp-L] The new Suzuki MANJI: Closest Reed/Slot Tolerances Ever Achieved

Brendan Power wrote:
Suzuki will unveil their all-new Manji M-20 diatonic harmonica at SPAH this
coming week.......snip..... You can see and hear the MANJI M-20 in these two videos:
MANJI Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOHJZr0-Qoc
MANJI Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD7AqiBE5XE

  Another great effort on your part, Brendan.  It all sounds great.  I'm so happy to see the new Suzuki's will have
that nice "wooden sound".  Ha, couldn't help myself (ducking and running)!  We are surely living in the golden age of
harmonica, with all these wonderful choices.  So many choices, so little time (or money)!
  One small detail that i think Suzuki is missing out on is in the formation of the front of the comb.
If u've ever tried the wooden Seydel 1847 or one of Joe Spiers custom shaped combs, I think u will agree that 
the ends of the tines create a much better when they protrude a bit and are rounded off.   
   I'm curious as to how the Manji compares to the Suzuki Fabulous, other than cover shape and material.  Comments?
For those who are unfamiliar with replacing welded reeds, Brendan has a YouTube video of that too:

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