Re: [Harp-L] harp and guitar duos

some electric duos(Harp and Guitar)
Garth Webber & Mark Ford
Robben Ford and Mark Ford
Andy Just and Chris Cain
Amos Garret and David Burgin (amosbehavin) very cool


  u wrote
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I would add-

 Duos (Harp & Guitar)
 1. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden
 2. Steve Guyger & Richard Ray Farrell
 3. Billy Branch & Kenny Neal
 4. Fruteland Jackson & Harrison Kennedy

 Solos (Harp-Guitar)
 1. Paul Oscher
 2. Our own Ken Deifik
 3. Curtis Blues
 4. Harrison Kennedy
 5. Bobby Rush
 6. Kenny Neal
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