Re: [Harp-L] The new Suzuki MANJI: Closest Reed/Slot Tolerances Ever Achieved

This looks exciting (depending on what the price is, can't wait to hear that) but I'm disappointed that Suzuki put all of this progressive technology into the insides yet stuck to an obsolete and non-ergonomic design for the harp itself. Human hands just aren't shaped like that and I find playing harps shaped like that annoying. Progressive ergonomic designs like that Seydel Groove mic really impress me. The Fabulous was a step in the right direction (and comes in Just Intonation!) so it's too expensive.

There is a lot of time spent here talking about the sound of the wood comb versus plastic as well. I think the latest consensus seems to be that the comb material isn't distinguishable to human ears? Vern still has $1,000 to anyone who will take his test to prove otherwise. Maybe that will finally happen at SPAH this year (not that I want to revive that debate...).

Bill Hines

Brendan Power wrote:
Suzuki will unveil their all-new Manji M-20 diatonic harmonica at SPAH this
coming week.

Every component has been designed from scratch for high performance: comb,
coverplates, reeds and reedplates. All the bits are striking, but the most
impressive claim Suzuki are making is that, in the MANJI, they have achieved
an unprecedented level of accuracy in fixing the reeds on the reedplate.

This has allowed them to reduce the reed/slot tolerances to a fineness never
before achieved in a manufactured harmonica...

You can see and hear the MANJI M-20 in these two videos:

MANJI Part 1:

MANJI Part 2:

The icing on the cake is that the MANJI will retail at a very affordable
price (to be announced at SPAH).


Brendan Power

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