[Harp-L] UK or Denmark chromatic techs

I've been getting inquires this past week from chromatic owners from South Africa, India and Sri Lanka looking for
parts and techs in Europe. I was able to help some of them.

A woman from Sri Lanka contacted me today who would like to have a chromatic repaired while visiting the UK and Denmark.

Can any list members recommend chromatic techs in those areas.

Antony Dannecker no longer works on chromatics. European techs seem to be rare or poor promoters of their businesses on the internet.
I already checked Nat'l Harmonica League's website which btw needs updated on the resource page.

Email addresses would be helpful since I can fwd them to the woman.

Contact me offlist. It's quicker then waiting to read replies from the Digest.


Michael Easton www.harmonicarepair.com

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