[Harp-L] re: Nobody knows you when youÂre down and out

Maybe IÂm nitpicking but IÂd say, contrary to Ken in Colorado,Âthat "Nobody knows you ..." played in 12th, starting melody on 6D, DOES require a couple of fancy OB:s ... Namely on 5 and 6. Granted that your interest is in playing the melody -- otherwise you can dance around them, of course.
 Perhaps ChristelleÂs way is the easier one to go.
in Sweden
Hey Harvey,

I've been playing "Nobody Knows You" on diatonic for a few years now and it lays out very well in 12th position (thanks to Madcat for that very valuable tip), no fancy overblows needed and only a couple of easy bends.

I play the song in the key of C on guitar and use a G diatonic in a rack to play the melody. It sarts with a walk-up from the 4 blow. Here's some tab to get you started (4+çs blow on four, 3"çs three hole draw with açull-step bend, 6' is six draw with half-step bend. The ~ symbol means hold the note)

4+ 4 5+ 55 5+5+ï4~ 3"~
6+6+6+ 55 5 6+ 5 4
4 44 5+ 5 5+ 4 4+ 4 5+ 5
66 6+ 6 6'ï6+ 6 6+

Good luck!

Harpin' in Colroado,
--Ken M.

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