[Harp-L] Gapping reeds- videos on the tube

Joe Spiers wrote:

If you're frustrated with out-of-the-box harps (and don't know what to do, short of ordering 
customs), this is for you.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh79GaDVmC8

Joe, since I love your customized harps but had problems posting a comment on YouTube as u asked in 
your video (I forgot my password, etc. etc.), I'll post my comment here.  I tried to subscribe to 
your site and failed at that too, so if possible, kindly inform Harp-L when u have some new vids.  
  Thanks, the videos were very informative. Keep 'em coming. I'd love to see a video on chamfering
the edges of reeds.  And as u know, I love your customized harps.
  For the benefit of the novice: judging from my own experience, I DO think that plinking the reed is 
essential after adjusting EACH gap, or else the reed will return somewhat to it's original gap.

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