re: [Harp-L] Effects Seminar at SPAH

I'm very much looking forward to this.  I hope to bring my full
effects rig.  No amp simulation from me as I prefer to play through a
real amp and use the effects to add another avenue for sonic
exploration.  We seem to have two different approaches to using
effects so this should be a well rounded seminar.

Richard Hunter write:

Hi all,

This is a quick message to advise that Chris Michalek and I will
co-present a seminar on effects for harmonica at SPAH on Friday, Aug.
14 from 11 AM-noon.

Expect a lot of brightly colored hardware on the floor and weirdly
colored sounds in the air.   In addition to the exotica, I expect to
demonstrate a few sounds that emulate much more traditional amped
setups, with hardware that costs about 1/3 of the traditional setup
and weighs about 1/10 of the traditional setup.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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