Re: [Harp-L] nobody knows you when you're down and out

Yes, my friends - fearless playing. Note how substantial that three hole inhale second bend is when played as a note - Christelle even sustains it, allowing it to trail off and fall in pitch at the end of the line.

Most of the musical lines and ideas are great. My only negative comment (gasp) is regarding the fast passages, which sometimes move away from the chords in her note choices and sound, to me, more like velocity pattern playing, and, as such, makes it sound a bit "harmon-icky" at times. As Christelle matures in her playing, I'm sure this will take care of itself.

also, pretty fearless 7 hole sustained overdraw. those must be some nicely gapped harmonicas.

Christelle wrote:

Hi Harvey,

Here's what I've done thinking that you may find some elements to help  

The harmonica is a Seydel in C and the song is in C as well.
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