[Harp-L] Gapping reeds- videos on the tube

If you're frustrated with out-of-the-box harps (and don't know what to do,
short of ordering customs), this is for you. I've put up a series of 3 videos
that demonstrate the simple adjustment of reed offsets in a Hohner Golden
Melody. In 20 minutes I show you how to make one play well enough that most
people would probably be pleased to have it in their kit. I would mention that
even the lowest budget level of my 3 stages of  "custom" harps is significantly
more involved. The videos just show something that I think all harmonica
players should be able to do, if they're physically able.

It's not production-quality video and I don't have a radio-announcer speaking
voice, but I hope many harp-l'ers will benefit from it. Start with this one
(hole 10, right off the bat) here:


Best regards,
Joe Spiers

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