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If I intended to cough up six grand or so for a Seydel Renaissance, I would negotiate for two sets of reedplates; one with standard copper-alloy reeds, and one with more-robust stainless-steel reeds on "german silver" (nickel-copper) plates.

The only feature of the Renny that affects tone and response is the precisely-made slide. You will love the resulting freedom from through-the-slide leakage that otherwise can dampen your resonant embouchure. The silver is pretty and the SS comb is robust and easy to work on...even if they don't affect the tone.

An alternative worth considering is to buy a Saxony and then have a technician check/adjust the slide. Except for bragging rights, it would serve you as well or better than a Renny for about 8% of the Renny's price.

Donning my flame-proof kevlar suit for the responses sure to follow! ;o)


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The Renaissance Chromatic made by Seydel is not the same as the original Renaissance handmade by Douglas Tate and Bobbie Giordano. It's close, mind you, and was launched with Doug Tate's involvement. But as production of the handmades ended with Doug's terminal illness, they very rarely come up for sale and always command full asking price.

The Seydel Renaissance is a very good chromatic and does have some of the qualities of the handmade Renaissance (I've played one of the Seydels briefly, and have played several of the original handmades).


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I am interested in gathering some information regarding the Renaissance
Chromatic. Does anyone on list own/play one? I am considering purchasing one.
Thank you.

Anthony Shablak
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