[Harp-L] Harp effects samples

Hi all,

It looks like I'm going to do a seminar on effects at SPAH with Chris Michalek, and I thought I'd prime the pump with a few samples created with the Digitech RP350 (and no other effects).  You can download the stuff at:


The names of the samples are pretty self-explanatory.  My favorite sound here is the FX25_env_filter sample, which was created with a tube preamp model coupled with a Bassman 2x12 cab model and a Digitech FX25 envelope filter effect model.  I've tuned this patch to the point where slight changes in breath pressure produce startling changes in timbre.  If you listen through to the end of this one (a couple of minutes), you'll hear the sound of big chords being filtered in real time, followed by some tongue-slap vamping that takes on a whole new character with the envelope filter engaged.   Just the sort of thing to make the entire audience turn to the stage at the same time, going "What the ... was that?"

For those who like their effects on the more conservative side, the Bassman Rotary sample shows off a nice Leslie speaker effect.  The phaser sample is cool and electronic, and the heavy vibrato sample, as per my wife's comment, sounds like a bunch of people yelling.  It's certainly well past normal.  

See you at SPAH.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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